Studded belts - A statement about who you are

A belt isn’t simply for holding up your pants, it’s much more than that.  Belts come in all materials, shapes, sizes and colours and arguably the most iconic and outspoken belt is the studded belt which combines a statement with function.  It suggests a statement about who you are, that you are not afraid to be different.

The studded belt has a long history with its roots in alternative lifestyles, from the rockers in the 50s and the greasers in the 60s, to the punks in the 70s. Just like the more recent Goths and Emos, they all had their own subcultures, and their look was rooted in showing that they were on the fringes of society.

Not only does the humble studded belt make a fashion statement about individuality and non-conformity, since its first appearance on the fashion scene it has transcended gender.  It doesn't matter who you are or how you identify, the studded belt has always personified a non-gender, non-conformist, group of people united in the common ideal of unapologetic individuality.

A studded belt is the perfect addition to your alternative wardrobe if you want to make a statement.  Lowlife and proud of it. That is what you are if you choose to wear studded belts.

Pyramid studs and more

Just as subcultures have developed and evolved over the decades, so have studded belts. They have come a long way since the 50s when bikers would create their own unique look by studding their own belts and leather jackets. Today studded belts come in a huge range of styles; for a chunky statement look there are wider triple studded belts, or you can choose a narrower slim profile belt like the double studded or single stud - there is something for every taste and style to complement your alternative ‘fit and work with any size of belt loop.

The studs themselves have also evolved over the years from the humble beginnings of round studs and then pyramid studs. If you prefer a belt with the rivet look, you can get yourself a belt with rivets in all manner of shapes – round, square, conical, stars, hearts or even skulls. Or, if you want a more understated look, you can go for covered studs, traditional pyramid studs covered in a thin layer of leather or PU for a more textured feel. In fact, any design you can think of is now made into a styled metal studded belt, like concave studs and even more industrial looking studs.

Colours - silver studs, black, gold and more

Shiny silver studs are definitely the classic look and feature on most studded belt styles, but you might want a different look to finish your outfit. Gold or black, perhaps, or an eye-catching colour – electric blue, shocking pink, a daring red or bright neon green or yellow.  Studs are now available in any colour and design to compliment the huge array of colours now available as the belt's base colour, although a black belt with silver studs still remains the most popular choice.

Vegan studded belts

Traditionally, studded belts were always made of leather, but in this day and age, non-conformists who want that alternative look without sacrificing their principles can also own a studded belt. The vegan studded belt was born out a desire to look good without using animal products whilst retaining all the style of traditional leather belts, and modern manufacturing techniques and materials mean that they are now just as durable.  So, whether it’s grunge, post-punk or cyberpunk, whether you want to add an edgy touch, or just show some attitude, you are sure to find a studded belt to suit your own individual style.