Sometimes we can all get a little frustrated when simple things don't go as planned.  Some styles that are just too popular and sold way quicker than we expected, and our restock didn't arrive when it should have.  The smallest detail can push deadlines back and introduce unexpected problems, we've all been there.  But, after delays caused by the Christmas break, inflation, shipping problems and quality control, we are happy to say that our latest restock and new colourways have finally landed!  We are back on track and not only have we replenished our popular styles, we have also received our latest colourways as requested by our customers.  You told us you wanted white belts and you told us you wanted snake skin belts, so here are a few belts to add to your wardrobe to compliment your outfits.

Duplici in White

Black doesn't go with every outfit and often a contract is the most eye catching style, so our high quality black vegan double eyelet belt was the obvious first choice to make in white.  Made with the same attention to detail and high quality, the white Duplici offers silver metal eyelets and stitched edges to ensure the belt is long lasting as well as the usual Lowlife signature features.  The branded double pronged spin buckle is the sign of a genuine article, along with the Lowlife end badge and debossed belt loop.  In white, the Duplici gives you a stylish and stand-out contrast to your dark outfit, the kind of style you only get from Lowlife.  

Triple Stud In White Snake

One of our true Lowlife Friends posted a shot of an old belt that we made years ago, the Lowlife Triple S in white, which got us thinking, should we bring it back?  We did a poll and basically everyone said yes, so here it is, back from the archive and looking good with a twist in the tail.  After years we have re-released a Lowlife favourite and updated it with new improved rivet backed studs, stitched edging and a snakeskin effect finish to just make it a bit different to the old belt from years ago.  This is the perfect triple studded belt to wear with black jeans, to stand out and cut across the middle.

Double Stud in Black Snake

Our Triple Stud belts in matt black and black snake were our top selling belts in 2023 so we thought we should share the love with our Lowlifes who like their belt loops on the slimmer side.  We have combined our matt black hardware with our snakeskin belt and reduced the size to two rows of studs to give you our new Double Stud in Black Snakeskin.  This belt has all the trademark features of a high quality Lowlife belt including metal eyelets, stitched edges and branded buckle.  This is a realt stealth belt that subtly hides around your waist and feels good, unless of course you are wearing white in which case it jumps out and bites like a Black Mamba!

Black and White Restock

As well as our new styles we have also restocked some of our black and white favourites, the Cover Up and Cover Up Slim.  These subtle rivet studded belts have been a staple of the Lowlife range but we ran short of some sizes and had thought to retire them, but our Lowlifes still want them so we have made them again.... maybe for the last time, don't miss out!

New Styles Coming in 2024

We have a range of new styles in production now which will soon be ready for testing and quality approval.  We are excited by a new artist collab range of printed belts which are due soon, the samples are about to be shipped for approval, so keep an eye out for those.  We also have some new metal studs being manufactured for a new belt due soon and cuffs are coming back.  New buckles are going through our design process and should be ready for manufacture later this year, so plenty for our Lowlife friends to look forward to in 2024!  Stay true to your style, keep it alternative and keep it Lowlife!